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FlexiCAP Recording Caps

The Deymed FlexiCAP is a completely new and advanced recording cap that was designed to fit comfortably while recording with maximum reliability. Innovative design that uses reinforced sealed electrodes and robust cable management results in an exceptionally long lasting product - the normal life-span of FlexiCAP is more than double to that of most comparable caps. The FlexiCAP was designed for use with Deymed TruScan systems. You can purchase them in the Ronan Medical online e-store. For access, email    

Recording Supplies


Find all your electrode skin preparation and electroconductive media for use in Neurofeedback recordings and training in the Ronan Medical e-store. If you don't already have an account, please email us at and we'll help you create one.


Spare Parts and Cables


Find numerous spare parts and cables for your TruScan and BrainFeedback EEG Neurofeedback systems in the Ronan Medical e-shop. Register now to purchase online.